Car rentals

We provide a range of chauffeured cars across vehicle categories, including business sedan, luxury sedan, minivan, luxury MPV, minibus and coach bus.  All vehicles are late models within 2 to 3 years of age, are well-maintained and clean, and most are equipped with GPS units.

Economy and Business Sedans

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We offer a wide range of economical and stylish late-model business sedans, including Audi A6L, Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Buick Excelle, and Hyundai Sonata.

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15-17 Seats Van

Our 15-17 Seats van all new within 2-3 years. No-Smoking allowed in the mini bus.It can hold 5-10 pe More info
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25 Seats Toyota Mini Bus

Our Minibus all government registered with license plate B.Safe driving with government monitoring. More info
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35 Seats King Long Bus

Our Bus all government registered with license plate B.Safe driving with government monitoring. No- More info
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5 Seats Volkswagen Sagitar(Or same standard)

Our 5 Seats Car all within 2-3 years old. Experienced and friendly driver offer safe driving.No -Smo More info
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7 Seats Buick GL8 Van

Our 7 seats business van come with experienced and friendly driver offer safe driving.No -Smooking a More info
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7 Seats Business van Hyundai

Our 7-12 seats business van come with experienced and friendly driver offer safe driving.No -Smookin More info
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