Total Duration: 2 – 4 hours
  • Dongsi Hutong, East of Dongsi Beidajie, Beijing China, 30 minutesStart your culinary adventure by meeting your guide at the allocated meeting point. After a short meet and greet, you will set-off on your tour, making stops at locations known by the locals for their produce and food.

    Stroll along the nearby Hutong allays, your tour guide will offer commentary regarding the Hutong’s history, people and life here. Feel free to ask questions if you have.

  • LongFuSi Jie, Art Gallery Backstreet, Beijing China, 1 hourOn this food tour, you will get to try mouthwatering Chinese dishes such as:

    • Mongolia Hotpot which has a history of more than 1000 years founded by Kublai Khan and his grandfather Genghis Khan. Sit together with your group learn its history, get to know how to enjoy hotpot properly and fill your empty stomach.
    • The finest local pastries such as Briwate and Ghriyba, in one of the city’s oldest bakeries

    • Traditional Soup Dumpling. Guantang Bao are a type of Chinese steamed dumpling that are popular for their delicate, thin skin and flavorful, savory soup filling. When you bite into a soup dumpling, you will be surprised with a burst of hot soup that perfectly complements the tender and juicy meat filling.

  • Dongsi Hutong, East of Dongsi Beidajie, Beijing China, 1 hourMove on to the restaurant offer authentic Beijing cuisine, here you will try their famous: Gate Nail Pancakes, Flied Corn Flour, plus 8+different snack sets(a favorite amongst the local Beijing people)

    • Chinese Islamic cuisine: Your last stop is in a Muslim Restaurant. Being located in the central region of the Silk Route, Xinjiang integrates a large number of ethnic minorities, among which the Uygur nationality, the Kazaks nationality, and the Hui nationality all profess the religion of Islam. Learn bout the muslim culture in China, and try varies local dishes such as Lamp Kebabs, Nang Bread, now is the right time to drink the Baijiu which is the popular local liquor.

    Your tour will ends here, your tour guide and help you to get a taxi back to your hotel or next destination



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